Meetings of the Working Group

  • June 8th 2018, hosted by The Health Foundation
  • September 6th 2018, hosted by Office for National Statistics (Minutes)
  • December 11th 2018, hosted by HMRC (Minutes)
  • March 13th 2019, hosted by NHS Services Scotland, BioQuarter, Edinburgh (Minutes); presentation by Office for Statistics Regulation on data linkage
  • June 12th 2019, hosted by Cancer Research UK, London (Minutes)
  • September 26th 2019, to be hosted by UK Data Archive, University of Essex
  • December 4th 2019, to be hosted by Connected Health Cities, University of Manchester

Workshop on Statistical Disclosure Control

  • August 15 2018, hosted by The Health Foundation

This Workshop will bring together staff who undertake statistical disclosure control checks on statistical results produced from confidential sources of data.  The purpose of the Workshop will be to:

  • identify challenges with the practice of checking and releasing statistics
  • managing requests from analysts and researchers
  • develop solutions for the smooth-running of statistical disclosure control

**update:  we ran a session entitled ‘the good, the bad and the ugly of outputs’, where we each provided an example of a good and not so good experience of a statistical output request.  The examples can be found here.**


Carlotta Greci (The Health Foundation) presented our forthcoming SDC Handbook at IASSIST 2018 in Montreal, May 2018.  See conference presentation here.

Richard Welpton (Cancer Research UK) presented the SDAP_Competency_Framework at the ESRC Research Methods Festival, July 2018. See conference presentation, video and listen to podcast.  Accompanying LSE Impact Blog article.