Welcome to the network for Safe Data Access Professionals (SDAP).

The SDAP network facilitates the sharing of expertise, good practice and knowledge between organisations providing, or intending to provide, secure access to confidential data from the health, economics, and social science research sectors.

The network holds regular meetings, produces guides and resources including guidance in support of training and professional development, for those working within the data landscape.

The network was first established in 2011 by Tanvi Desai (formally of the London School of Economics and Administrative Data Service) as an informal group of specialists working with secure data access issues in Trusted Research Environments. From 2021-2024, UKDS (UK Data Service) is responsible for developing and delivering the SDAP membership service, bringing a fresh and dynamic approach to working with the SDAP Steering Group on strategic development and core operations. UKDS is being funded by ESRC to support the network to plan strategically how to meet the needs of a rapidly developing landscape and community of secure data access professionals.

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To date, the network is made up of over 70 representatives from 30 organisations:

If you are working in a secure data facility, or have been tasked with setting one up, then check out our free guidance and resources, plus, join our network to attend our events to confer directly with experienced specialists. To join, please review our membership joining details and then contact us