Competency Framework

We have created the following resource detailing the competences required for staff working in Safe Settings, and how these might apply at different stages of their career:

The Framework is split into three stages/levels in support of those working in safe settings:

  1. Beginner (new staff member)
  2. Mid-Level (1-2 years’ experience)
  3. Advanced (2 years’ plus)

This useful and detailed Framework is designed primarily for staff development, as a tool for setting objectives, identifying strengths and areas for development, assessing achievements and performance, and preparing for promotion. Additionally, it can be used as part of a recruitment process. It is not prescriptive as standards will vary across safe settings and organisations.

The Safe Data Access Professionals (SDAP) Network Competency Framework v2 by Carlotta Greci (then at The Health Foundation), Richard Welpton (then at Cancer Research UK), Christine Woods (then at UK Data Archive, University of Essex). Version 1.0 published in 2018.