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Competency Framework

Developing a career as a secure data access professional? Check out our Competency Framework. Designed for staff working in, and managing, secure data access facilities to develop their careers.



Installing and using R in a secure data environment

Many researchers now use R for their statistical analyses.  As well as being free to use, the software offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to undertaking analysis, and many graduate courses now teach data analysis with R as a matter of course.

R generally relies on using the internet, to go and find packages to use.

But secure data environments don’t generally permit access to the internet.  However, there is a way to install R packages and work with them locally inside the secure data environment.

Here are some instructions that should help (developed by Carlotta Greci, The Health Foundation, and Richard Welpton, Cancer Research UK).


Statistical Disclosure Control Handbook – COMING SOON!

(Autumn 2018)

This Handbook will provide analysts and staff responsible for statistical disclosure control checks with guidance about how to assess statistical results produced from confidential sources of data, before releasing from their secure data environments.

Intended to act as a handy reference, the Handbook will provide guidance about managing the statistical disclosure control process; and will contain specific guidance about assessing a variety of statistics for statistical disclosure.




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